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We’re SJ Son and Ginny Leise, a comedy, writing and friend duo from NYC. We are also actors.

We are known for our many varied projects. Since 2014, we’ve produced web series like Feminist Babysitter, short films like Smile and live shows like The Shame Game.

Our pilot Urban Teach Now is a 2016 official selection of iTVFest and New York Television Festival. Learn more at

Our work has been featured in Huffington Post, Splitsider, Vice, NBC News, Angry Asian Man, Variety and Jezebel.

Check out some samples of our work below!

urban teach now

A half hour comedy pilot about a young teacher struggling to maintain her competitive edge among her mildly middle class students and her privileged PC-obsessed coworkers.

Feminist Babysitter

A 3 ep web series with real baby. Feminist babysitter is here to take care of your little tyke the only way she knows how--talking nonstop about dismantling the patriarchy with fun games and songs!


A short horror film about a man who learns a hard lesson about the dangers of cat calling. A true celebration of the forthcoming oppressive matriarchy!

The Interrogation

SJ interrogates Ginny about her dating habits. An episode in The Shame Game web series. 

Drive-by Harassment

In this viral video with >2M views, SJ & Ginny took to the streets to to conduct the definitive social experiment on harassment... and the results are SHOCKING!!!!!!

Hearts of GOld

Welcome to the wonderful, weird world of HOG: HEARTS OF GOLD, a five part web series where the floors have feelings and the volcanoes have commitment issues.