The easy flow of ideas between SJ and Ginny and their total in-sync-ness are what make their comedy so effortlessly fresh and daring.
— Vice i-D
SJ and Ginny are masters at transforming their own anger into material for cleverly written and sharply performed comedy
— The Huffington post

SJ&GINNY's viral video 'Drive-By Harassment' featured in...


The Shame Game named one of the best comedy shows run by female comedians.

...they’re actively giving “ladylike” conversation the middle finger—and they’re so funny while they do it. They also dance around dressed in head-to-toe leopard print. There’s just so much dancing. It’s effing delightful
— Bust
The Shame Game is all about divulging shameful secrets onstage. It’s vulnerable, raucous, and absurd… It’s nuts in a great way.
— Village Voice

" Thank you so much for all the applause! You shouldn't. But we live for it. Thank you. Seriously. Stop. No don't. We need it. I mean, we don't care. RSVP to our next show!  and while you're at it like us on facebook we're also on LinkedIn but we're considering deleting it cuz its just too much."