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#9 - Drive By Street Harassment 

Ginny & SJ take to the streets to conduct the definitive social experiment on harassment..And the results are shocking!

#8 - Pay to Play

SJ auditions for a casting director. 

#7 - Interrogation

SJ interrogates Ginny about her dating habits.

#6 - 46 Degrees

Ginny & SJ form the girl band, 46° because they are pumped the hot summer weather is finally here. 

#5 - Dude Notes

SJ tells Ginny all about dude notes. 

#4 - Exit Interview

SJ and Ginny discuss microaggressions in the workplace. 

#3 - Harassment 

Ginny and SJ discuss reverse street harassment. 

#2 - Beyonce

SJ teaches Ginny some Beyonce choreography for the next big show. 

#1 - Introductions

SJ & Ginny take turns introducing each other.